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Management * Workstations * Mobile Devices * File Servers * Mail Servers * Internet Gateways

Kaspersky just released a new product that will allow you to configure employee internet usage and the applications they may install and access. On top of #1 Ranked Anti-Virus/Malware, Kaspersky now offers protection for every part of your network.

Kaspersky Labs provides protection at every level of the network. Full-scale, flexible solutions allow you to select your desired level of protection and the point on the network where you need it most.

Customize a solution to meet the needs of your current environment knowing Kaspersky is fully scalable to meet the future needs of your organization.

Kaspersky also has one of the lowest footprints in the industry. This means it takes a very small amount of processing power (RAM) on your computers to run vs. other Anti-Virus Solutions like Norton, which has a much bigger footprint.